The leading light in
safe and sustainable glass

Hermans Techniglaz is a leading provider of high-quality glass products that enhance a building’s interior environment whilst achieving a striking exterior aesthetic. Our products boast excellence in thermal efficiency, solar control and light diffusing to utilise natural heat and light and reduce the dependency on lighting and HVAC systems. Sharing a common group purpose, all of our products improve sustainability and positively contribute to the environment.



The most thermally efficient insulating glass available on the market.
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Subtle diffusing glass with a very high insulation value.
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A glass that reacts to the warmth of direct sunlight and gradually increasing its tint.
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Featured Projects

We are proud to see our products featured in some of the most prestigous and ambitious developments and positively contributing to the building over its entire lifetime. Here are a few of our latest projects.

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Villa SKR, Czech Republic

Special project with fully customised insulated Powerglaz solar panels. Unique transformation from an old ruin to a multifunctional event location.

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Local Government Training Centre, Czech Republic

The training centre of the Czech Republic’s regional government office was renovated in 2008.

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The Depot Cinema, East Sussex

Self-tinting thermochromic technology allows Suntuitive Dynamic Glass to adapt to changing sunlight conditions.

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Wilder Building, The Dance Institute, Montreal, Canada

Creative places demand creative solutions. We maximised daylight inside Montreal’s Dance Institute.

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Stonybrook University, New York

The LEED Gold certified Student Union faculty in New York is central to the university campus and is intended as the centre of many student activities.

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Kirkwood Community College, Iowa

The Kirkwood Community College Recreation Centre is designed to meet the sporting and wellness needs of the whole community of Iowa.

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