Stonybrook University, New York

Project: Stonybrook University
Location: New York
Product Used: Solera

The LEED Gold certified Student Union faculty in New York is central to the university campus and is intended as the centre of many student activities. We were commissioned to create an inviting space for students to use day or night. Although a glass wall was the preferred design option, there was the issue of glare to consider.

Our solution was Solera. Natural daylight floods into the space without blinding the occupants and without the need for sun blinds. This creates a truly spectacular environment where light and heat for larger spaces is controlled and managed by the glass wall itself.

Using Solera served to provide a high degree of diffused light to reduce contrast ratios, eliminating the need for sun shading. Partly thanks to Solera, an inviting and energy-efficient space has been created. It’s one that can deliver cost-savings over the long time.