In less than 30 seconds, a small flame can turn into a major fire. A two-story building is fully engulfed in flames within four and a half minutes. Fire-resistant glass can play a very important and retardant role in the event of fires. It can delay the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases for about 120 minutes, and allow the building to be cleared. The use of fire-resistant glass is practically essential in all buildings accessible to the public. Due to increasing pressure from the government and the increase in international standards for fire protection, increasingly stringent requirements are imposed on fire-resistant glass in buildings.

Hermans Techniglaz supplies fire-resistant glass in many different types and sizes. We work together with leading manufacturers of tempered fire-resistant glass for larger sizes and fire-resistant glazing with specific requirements. In short, we can think along with you in selecting the best option for you.

E: fire-resistance

Fire-resistance (Integrity) can prevent fire flashover and fire transfer when one side of the glass is exposed to fire.
This classification provides effective and beneficial protection against flames and smoke, but does not prevent the transfer of heat in case of fire.
EW: fire-resistant with heat radiation reduction

Fire-resistant with heat radiation reduction has all the integrity performance of class E (flame and smoke protection) when exposed to one side, and also provides heat protection, reducing the transmission of radiant heat to less than 15 kW/m2 on the unexposed side.
EI: fire-resistant and insulating against heat

Fire-resistant and insulating against heat provides the highest level of protection against flames, smoke and heat. This classification of fire-resistant glass performs in accordance with the E-standard when exposed to fire on one side, and also limits the temperature rise on the unexposed side up to 140°C on average and up to a maximum of 180°C at any point.


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