Duurzaam Gebouwd

As of 1 January 2015, Hermans Techniglaz is a knowledge partner of Platform Duurzaam Gebouwd (Sustainable Construction Platform). With this partnership, Hermans Techniglaz provides the Platform Duurzaam Gebouwd with assistance in achieving its mission, informing and inspiring professionals through news, expert visions, interesting projects, innovative products and offering inspiring events. Hermans Techniglaz’s products support the vision of the platform.

After all, Duurzaam Gebouwd is the platform for sustainable building.

The construction sector faces enormous challenges: from reducing failure costs to reducing CO2 emissions. As an integral platform, Duurzaam Gebouwd therefore brings together all links in the construction and real estate sector and, together with leading partners, focuses on integrated collaboration, knowledge and network sharing as well as joint development of new business.

The mission of the Platform Duurzaam Gebouwd is to make a big step forward in the cooperation in the integral building and real estate sector. Duurzaam Gebouwd does this in three concrete steps: communicating, connecting and activating.

Also see www.duurzaamgebouwd.nl