PowerGlaz BIPV for Alliander in Arnhem

The head office of Alliander ‘Bellevue’ in Arnhem has been renovated and its sustainability enhanced using the latest technologies. The original building of Alliander was arranged for employees to come to the office every day. With the current flexible way of working, the building has been transformed with beautiful and open flexible workspaces.

Hermans Techniglaz supplied approximately 1400m² of custom-made PowerGlaz panels for Alliander’s ‘Bellevue’ head office. Our panels which, with a total power of more than 180 kWp and a Cradel to Cradle certificate, cover the atrium form an important part of the enhanced sustainability of the head office. Not only the generation of energy contributes to the sustainability, also the shading effect of the semi-transparent panels creates a significantly lower heat load.

Filmpje nieuwbouw Alliander Arnhem