PowerGlaz BIPV voor corporatie Woonstad in Rotterdam

Hermans Techniglaz’s PowerGlaz BIPV solar panels contribute to the sustainability of this business building.

The building was designed by the Rotterdam Architectural firm 01-10. The building consists of three floors with a private car park surrounded by hedges. The new office is energy-efficient and has a flexible layout. Organizations from the neighborhoods can use various rooms in the building. In addition, the office is accessible and easy to reach due to the location next to the Slinge Metro Station. It provides staff and visitors with a modern and safe place.

The new office is in line with the development of Pendrecht as a vital and attractive neighborhood. The design fits perfectly with the original architecture of Pendrecht, such as the neighboring ‘Vissenkommen’. It also fits the Woonstad Rotterdam housing association. It is close to the tenants and cost neutral in relation to the Zuidplein office.