PowerGlaz BIPV voor gemeentehuis in Midden- Delfland

Hermans Techniglaz has supplied 22 custom PowerGlaz solar panels for the new town hall of Midden-Delfland. The PowerGlaz panels are integrated in the south wall, and besides supplying electricity, the solar panels serve as exterior sun blinds.

The new town hall in Midden-Delfland is one of the most sustainable town halls in the Netherlands. In addition to the solar panels in the façade, solar panels have also been installed on the roof. The town hall is also equipped with a heat and cold storage system combined with energy efficient heat pumps.

The solar panels provide a power generation of approximately 6400 kWh. This means that there is enough energy to have one hundred seven-watt light bulbs on for a year, use forty-six computers during office hours, light up the boardroom for nine hours every day or use seventy electric bikes one hour a day. The solar panels used could also provide two households with electricity for a year.

The official inauguration took place on 7 February 2013. In a winter atmosphere, the symbolic key was chopped from a wall of ice by firefighters. Princess Margriet was present to officially hand the key to the Mayor.