Powerglaz BIPV voor IWM school in Tiel

Hermans Techniglaz has supplied 96 BIPV PowerGlaz panels for the technical school ‘IWM’ in Tiel, with a total installed power of approximately 17 kWp. The 96 insulated panels have been integrated in both the roof and the façade. This concerns the new construction of a building for training center InstallatieWerk-Midden in Tiel. The project is a sustainable and innovative building that is being realized with a BREEAM ambition and will be delivered in the end of Q1 2012.

PowerGlaz was developed by Romag Ltd from Newcastle from a glass service center point of view. All possible shapes and designs within the limits of glass can be realized. As a result, the architectural creativity does not need to be compromised in order to integrate solar energy in projects in accordance with the ‘BREEAM’ guidelines. The panels are available in glass panels of up to 4000x2200mm and can be used in greenhouses (specially developed modules), windows, atria, bus shelters, roofs and curtain walling.