PowerGlaz BIPV voor Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

For the new building of the Grotius building (Faculty of Law) in Nijmegen, Hermans Techniglaz supplied approximately 300 customized PowerGlaz solar panels for two atria. Due to the very specific wishes and requirements regarding the U-values, all PowerGlaz solar panels were designed as ‘triple glass’. In addition to the customized solar panels, Hermans Techniglaz also supplied all standard solar panels for the flat roof of the Grotius building.

The solar panels are positioned in such a manner that the roof is optimally utilized for solar energy. The panels work on the basis of sunlight, however, this does not need to be direct sunlight, even in the case of indirect, diffuse sunlight, meaning cloudy weather, energy is generated. In the atria the cells are incorporated in the three-layer glass. This concerns 216×20 cells and 16×10 cells per glass panel; (3.75Wp per cell) totaling 16.8 kWp.

For the Grotius building, it is expected that approximately 10% of the energy consumption will be supplied by solar power. 10% of the energy consumption is the amount of energy used by 22 (average) households each year. The solar cells are connected to a meter that records the yield, which provides a quick overview of the operation of the panels.