PowerGlaz BIPV voor ‘The Edge’ Deloitte/AKD in Amsterdam

‘The Edge’ is the first building in the Benelux to receive the BREEAM Outstanding Certificate. It obtained a BREEAM qualification score of 5 stars, the highest score for sustainable new construction ever achieved in the Benelux.

Hermans Techniek Energy is very proud to be able to contribute to this unique BREEAM-certified building by supplying the PowerGlaz BIPV solar panels. 471 tailor-made PowerGlaz solar panels are integrated in the south-façade. The installed power of the PowerGlaz BIPV solar panels is approximately 94 kWp.

The design proves that light, transparent and energy-efficient construction is possible with a lot of glass. Innovative techniques allow for an excellent combination of comfort and energy performance. The new generation of employees is one that has grown up with mobile work and sustainability!