Hermans Techniglaz has been specializing in the supply of high-quality glass products in the field of sustainability and security for many years. Our tailor-made products include semi-transparent solar panels, light diffusing and insulating glass as well as security glass. Architectural quality is very important; with our high-quality glass products, no compromises are made in this area. Hermans Techniglaz is constantly looking for innovative sustainable and safe glass solutions for the construction industry. We offer a personal, flexible and professional approach, whereby the interest of the customer is always the starting point.


The amount of sunlight available is endless. Our vision is that it is very important to invest now in knowledge and experience in the use of sunlight. This can be achieved by conversion into energy using our PowerGlaz semi-transparent solar panels. The lighting of indoor spaces is also important for our well-being. With our innovative daylight solution Solera, it is possible to diffuse daylight and still maintain a high insulation value. Even highly secured buildings need daylight to enter. To achieve this, we can supply tailor-made security glass in many thicknesses. Our glass products are also available for vehicles (VIPV).


For each project, we can individually verify which glass product is most suitable, so you are ensured the solution you need. Our high-quality products and expertise in this area have proven themselves in practice on many occasions. Hermans Techniglaz selects the products (including accessories) carefully and guarantees the highest possible quality.
Complete package

Hermans Techniglaz offers you a fully customized package. The glass products can first be dimensioned to the required size. Would you like to outsource the installation to us, no problem. Hermans Techniglaz can do all kinds of installation work for you and is SCC* and ISO 9001 certified to do that.