PowerGlaz was developed by Romag Ltd. from the United Kingdom, a British producer who has been producing BIPV glass modules (PowerGlaz) and standard solar panels for years. Hermans Techniglaz has been the exclusive partner of Romag for Western Europe since 2008.

BIPV is the abbreviation of ‘Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics’ and is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the PV industry, due to its many advantages. The PowerGlaz BIPV modules are used both for renovation and for new construction.
Module structure


The PowerGlaz modules are glass modules in which photovoltaic cells are incorporated. The modules can be integrated in the building and replace the conventional building materials in the building envelope such as the roof, walls and sun shading. In most cases, PowerGlaz panels consist of 2 layers of glass between which solar cells are laminated. PowerGlaz panels can, of course, also be produced in double or triple versions, thereby achieving U-values of up to 0.6 W/m²k.  If weight is an important factor, the PowerGlaz panels can also be made of lightweight materials such as polycarbonate, polymer plastic or thin glass in combination with Tedlar.

PowerGlaz is a tailor-made product. All possible shapes and designs within the limits of glass can be realized. As a result, the architectural creativity does not need to be compromised in order to integrate solar energy in projects. If offers playing room for the number of solar cells/ingress of light or to achieve the desired amount of electricity. It also allows creativeness in the incorporation of different colors in the glass. This is created using colored foils and ceramic prints. PowerGlaz is manufactured according to the current EN standards in a state-of-the-art production line in Northeast England.

Typical applications of PowerGlaz include greenhouses, sawtooth roofs, windows, atria, bus shelters, roofs and curtain walling. Hermans Techniglaz has provided the panels for many BIPV projects, including the façade of the office building ‘The Edge’ in Amsterdam, the atrium of the Grotius building of the Radboud University, the atrium of the Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen and the completely renovated head office of Alliander in Arnhem.

Hermans Techniglaz has developed a module in collaboration with a number of business relationships in the sector of greenhouse construction, which can be used for the new or existing construction of a greenhouse.

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Max. afmetingen:2200mm x 4000mm
Vormen:Binnen de limieten van glas
Type zonnecellen:6" Mono & Poly
Lichtdoorlaatbaarheid:Volledig naar wens te bepalen; min: ca. 10%
Cel belegging:Volledig naar wens te bepalen; 1% - ca. 90%
Geïnstalleerd vermogen:Afhankelijk van cel belegging; max. 165Wp/m²
Kleur zonnecellen:Blauw, zwart of gekleurd
Type interlayer:PVB of EVA
Connectoren:Randconnector, Twinbox of Junctionbox voorzien van MC4 of Sunclix mini stekker
Bypass diodes: Gelamineerd in glas of extern
Minimale dikte:7,5mm voor glas/glas & 4,5mm voor glas/tedlar
Maximale dikte:Op aanvraag
Isolatieglas:Dubbel en Triple
Minimale U-waarde:0,6W/m²K
Overige mogelijkheden:Combinatie met inbraakwerend- of kogelwerend glas mogelijk
Kleur mogelijkheden:Zeefdruk, gekleurd glas of gekleurde PVB folie

For building-integrated solar energy, solar panels are used to replace conventional building materials for roofs, walls and sun shading of buildings. The use of building-integrated solar panels, which allows buildings to generate their own electricity, is on the rise because the technology is constantly improving and costs are getting lower. PowerGlaz® BIPV is a laminated panel with solar cells encapsulated in laminated glass, allowing the panel to produce electricity. The panels (or modules) are then integrated into the façade, roof or other exterior elements of the building. Integrating Solar PV into the fabric of buildings offers architects and designers the freedom to design buildings based on their own creativity, which emphasize the client’s environmental friendliness while providing a realistic ROI through the use of highly efficient solar cells. Certain costs can be reduced further, since less money needs to be spent on building materials that are replaced by solar panels.

Due to our extensive experience, we process all glass elements for PowerGlaz® BIPV ourselves. This allows us to offer both single-glazed and double-glazed solar panels that comply with all building regulations. PowerGlaz® BIPV is multi-functional, significantly reduces the solar heat due to the ingress of sunlight through controlled solar transmittance. These features can be further enhanced by including combinations of sunscreen coatings, screen printing, tinted glass or tinted interlayers, all of which can also be used for decorative effect. The polyvinyl butyral (PVB) foil is used to bond the elements together. This means that the PowerGlaz® modules comply with BS EN 12600 Class 1 and are safe for virtually all glazing applications. If required we can also provide higher levels of safety and security, for instance, by using bulletproof glass.

Customized solutions that meet the needs of the customer and provide space for architectural creativity

Clearly visible integration of solar panels, emphasizing customer’s sustainability credentials

Subtle integration is possible by combining different processing techniques, such as screen printing

Low iron-based glass on the outside of the laminated solar panel improves the electrical performance

Multifunctional, decrease of heat load due to solar panel integration and controlled light transmittance and shading

The PVB foil provides excellent glazing that meets the high standards of security

The electrical connection is mounted on the edge and allows for a discrete connection of the PowerGlaz® panels, hidden in virtually the entire glazing system

PowerGlaz® BIPV is mainly used for glazing in the façade or roof structure, but that is certainly not the only application. The customized modules can be used, for example, for ‘total roofing solutions’, with solar panels replacing the conventional roofing materials. Rain screens can also be built up of PowerGlaz® BIPV modules, where Romag can provide the additional service of factory bonding the supporting frames to the modules for easy installation on site. Solar panels can also be built into canopies, corridors, covered parking spaces, bicycle sheds, etc.

Examples of applications:


Curtain Walling

Structural Glazing

Roof Glazing

Louvres and Sun Shading



Canopies & Corridors
Optional features:

Double glazing

Screen printing to enhance solar control or decoration

Solar control foils

Bonding of supporting frames for structural glazing and rain screens

Safety and security glass options

Blast resistant options

Heat soak test options

Hermans Techniglaz acknowledges the importance of providing assistance and support during each stage of the design and purchasing process. In the initial phase of the design we assist the architect with the designs of a solar panel within the limits of glass. We also assist the design team by contacting the best roofing contractors, façade builders and electrical installers. If so desired, Hermans Techniglaz will maintain the contact with all parties to ensure that the installation of PowerGlaz® runs smoothly until the final commissioning of the system.

Our service package comprises the following:
For the architect and designer

Free advice

Assistance in the development of realistic, feasible solutions, including integrated solar panels.

Coordination with structural engineers

Contact with approved and experienced installers
For roof and façade builders

Design support for the BIPV panels

Assistance in the integration of PowerGlaz® into the selected glazing system

Instructions regarding the interconnection

Project References

BIPV modules
For installers

Estimated electrical yield and performance data for individual projects

Providing a string plan and the required connecting cables

Contact with glass installers and manufacturers of glazing systems

Flash Test data for all PowerGlaz® BIPV panels

BIPV training
For owners and users

Maintenance contracts are available based on annual inspection and reporting

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