Hermans Techniglaz supplies all levels of bullet-resistant Romag glazing that provides extreme protection to the most risk prone military installations, government buildings, embassies, banks and, for example, money transport vehicles.
Bullet-resistant glass in accordance with EN 1063

Made of multiple layers of glass of different thicknesses and bonded with high quality and hard polyvinyl butyral (PVB), the quality of the glass is unmatched. The total thickness is determined by the “threat level” you indicate to us, and our team will decide together with you which security class is most appropriate or required. In the event of an attack on the glass, the front layers of glass are designed to break, and these glass layers immediately absorb the first impact; the subsequent glass layers and PVB absorb the lower shock waves.

The thickness of our bullet-resistant glass can reach up to 83 mm (BR7). The bullet-resistant glass is available from BR1 to BR7, SG1 and SG2. The bullet-resistant glass is completely tailor-made and, by applying additional polycarbonate, the thickness can be reduced by up to 40% in some cases. Thanks to the passion and reputation of Romag, our bullet-resistant glass is one of the thinnest glazing available on the market.

We offer two basic options for our bullet-resistant glass; splinter (S) and a no-splinter (NS). A pane that complies with a class with a (NS) no-splinter certificate will stop a bullet that falls within the relevant safety class, whereby there will be no evidence of spall on the safe side of the glass. Spall may be released in the case of panes with an (S) splinter certificate.
Bullet-resistant glass in accordance with STANAG 4569

Based on the STANAG 4569 standard, we offer bullet-resistant glazing for use in heave military vehicles. These glass panes are specially designed to provide protection against heavy military firearms under extreme conditions. The protection levels in this class range from level I to level V.


Max. maat - vol glas:3200mm x 2240mm
Max. maat - glas/poly/glas:2500mm x 1500mm, in sommige gevallen 2900mm x 1500mm
Minimale dikte:13,5mm (BR1 S)
Maximale maat:83,3mm (BR7 NS)
Opties:Isolatieglas, alarmglas, gebogen, geprint en AirGlaz (anti-reflectie)



Gas stations

Transport of valuable goods

Military facilities and transports

Government buildings

VIP residences

Bullet-resistant glass data sheet

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