Physical Security glass P1A – P8B

Physical Security glass is usually used for storefronts and façades of jewelers, banks, betting shops, government offices, aquariums, prisons and much more. The standard type of Physical Security glass is composed of two layers of glass, joined together by means of a 1.5 mm thick PVB interlayer, and, where necessary, a layer of polycarbonate. For higher levels of protection, the number of layers of glass and/or PVB can be increased to ensure the required strength. An additional option for this type of glass is the application of anti-reflective glass (AirGlaz) or a ‘spall-free’ inside for maximum protection against glass fragments. The Physical Security glass is tested in accordance with the following safety standards:

BS EN 356

DIN 52290
ProtectGlaz LPS 1270

This type of Physical Security glass is not tested by a machine or robot, but by a person. Instead of an automatic blow, an intrusion test is conducted using different types of tools that could be used by burglars. This way, the glass is tested using the latest intrusion techniques. The safety standard LPS 1270 is new in the world of security glass and Hermans Techniglaz can supply glass panels which have already passed this test. The maximum dimensions of these glass panels are 2000 x 1605 mm or 3000 x 1880 mm (depending on composition).
Additional options for Physical Security glass:
Insulated (double and triple)

PV cells

Alarm glass

Curved design

Various shapes

Colored glass

Logos and other types of prints

Coated glass


Max. maat - vol glas:3200mm x 2240mm
Max. maat - glas/poly/glas:2500mm x 1500mm, in sommige gevallen 2900mm x 1500mm
Minimale dikte:6,8mm
Opties:Isolatieglas, alarmglas, gebogen, geprint en AirGlaz (anti-reflectie)

gas stations




security and installation companies

buildings where valuable goods are stored




correctional institutions

Physical Security glass data sheet

LPS 1270 certified glass data sheet

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