VIPV solar energy stands for Vehicle Integrated PhotoVoltaic solar energy. The major advantage of this kind of solar energy is the integration in vehicles or ships, partly because of the many possibilities in terms of weight and dimensions. For virtually any application we can supply a tailor-made product, without compromising the highest quality. Glass/glass, glass/foil or lightweight panels consisting entirely of synthetic materials, everything is possible.

Hermans Techniglaz has been supplying VIPV solar panels to various domestic and foreign car body factories for many years. Their use is particularly popular in refrigerated vehicles. No conventional cooling system is installed in these vehicles, but a cooling system that is also supplied with energy through customized solar panels on the roof. During daylight without sun, the panels can already deliver 70 percent of their capacity and the excess energy the panels generate on a sunny day is stored directly in the vehicle’s battery. This reduces the load on the engine since the dynamo is operated less frequently, thus allowing for fuel savings of 10 to 15 percent. The cooling always works as long as there is light, even when the engine of the vehicle is off. In addition, the cooling continues to work for approximately four hours without daylight.

This allows refrigerated vehicles and other types of transport to also benefit from free energy on the road! If you are interested in solar energy in car body industry, Hermans Techniglaz is the experienced supplier of your VIPV solar panels.

The run on solar energy is also slowly but surely making its entry into the maritime world. That is a good thing, since approximately 20% of total global CO2 emissions are caused by the fuel-consuming ships at sea. By integrating solar power into these ships, the engines can partially be powered by solar power. Smaller yachts can also benefit from this way of sustainable energy generation in the middle of the sea!


Max. afmetingen:2200mm x 4000mm
Type zonnecellen:6" Mono & Poly
Kleur zonnecellen:Blauw, zwart of gekleurd
Type interlayer:PVB of EVA
Aansluitingen:Randconnector, twin box of junction box
Connectoren:MC4 of Sunclix mini
Bypass diodes: Gelamineerd in glas of extern
Minimale dikte:2mm voor polymer plastic, 4,5mm voor glas/tedlar & 7,5mm voor glas/glas
Maximale dikte:Op aanvraag
Gewicht:Vanaf 2 Kg/m²
Minimale U-waarde:N.v.t.
Overige mogelijkheden:N.v.t.
Kleur mogelijkheden:Zeefdruk, gekleurd glas of gekleurde PVB folie



Caravans or mobile homes

PowerGlaz BIPV-VIPV data sheet

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