Suntuitive glass is a self-tinting glass that responds to the heat of direct sunlight and gradually changes from clear glass to tinted glass. This refracts the bright sunlight and allows a pleasant amount of light to enter the building. Once the direct sunlight has disappeared, the glass becomes clear again. This allows for an optimal use of daylight.  The more intense the sun, the darker the glass, which also reduces the solar heat in a building.

Suntuitive glass is a very sophisticated product, yet easy to use, thanks to the dynamic technology of the glass. The Suntuitive glass can be integrated in a building in a creative and sustainable way. It also eliminates the need for sun shading, glass curtains, etc. Another great advantage is that the glass does not use electricity, making the system as maintenance free as a plain window.

For optimum functionality, the glass should always be insulation glass in combination with a Low E coating on the interior pane. In addition, Suntuitive can be manufactured in various versions, including in burglar-resistant and soundproof glass.


Max. maat:1620mm x 3657mm
Minimale dikte:ca. 20mm
Maximale dikte: In overleg
LTA: 60% - 4%, afhankelijk van glassamenstelling (kleur)
ZTA:0,36 - 0,10
UV licht:0%
Opties:Kogelwerende- en inbraakwerend beglazing, gebogen uitvoering
Bijzonderheden:Geen kabels, geen aansturing, geen elektriciteit, geen onderhoud!!
Garantie: 10 jaar garantie

Sun parlors


Office buildings



Catering establishments


Suntuitive brochure

Suntuitive technical brochure – EU

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