Solera is our subtle diffusing glass with a very high insulation value. By diffusing an equal amount of light in all directions by almost 180 degrees, a diffused and comfortable spectrum of light can be achieved. Solera glass removes the need for sun blinds and reduces the amount of artificial light being used to light a room.

Light diffusing glazing is a powerful element for designers who want to create a high-quality natural light combined with very low U-values in doors. The ability of translucent glazing to diffuse light varies greatly. That is why specifying the correct type of glazing can be crucial to a project’s success.


  • Glare reduction
  • Insulating
  • Energy efficient
  • Light Diffusing
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We are proud to see our products featured in some of the most prestigous and ambitious developments and positively contributing to the building over its entire lifetime. Here are a few of our latest projects

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Wilder Building, The Dance Institute, Montreal, Canada

Creative places demand creative solutions. We maximised daylight inside Montreal’s Dance Institute.

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Kirkwood Community College, Iowa

The Kirkwood Community College Recreation Centre is designed to meet the sporting and wellness needs of the whole community of Iowa.

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Stonybrook University, New York

The LEED Gold certified Student Union faculty in New York is central to the university campus and is intended as the centre of many student activities.

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